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Things change between 18 and 28. You grow calmer. You grow more collected. 

Someone once told me that knowledge is something you read yourself to, while wisdom is something you get from experience, something you live yourself to. 


So things change between 18 and 28. Your body has completely renewed itself. Every single cell has been replaced and so has my mind. I have rewired it. It started as a stubborn attempt to force my mind into a different shape. Then slowly I gathered knowledge, and then some wisdom, and those two combined taught me to peacefully sit on the floor and close my eyes. Visualise what kind of person I want to be in this world. What kind of life I want to lead. Not force things to work out, but instead learn to align with nature, align with what’s already happening and feel the wind in my  back. The earth supporting me. The sky greeting me.


I embraced my archetype as a seeker. Someone who’s seeking something higher or deeper than daily life. We don’t quite know what we’re searching for but the search brings us on adventures. Inwardly and out there in the world. We travel and wander, chasing experiences and places.

For many years I considered myself lost. I lost myself to my restless mind and I thought I was gone.

But I’m not. I’ve followed the seekers journey perfectly. And now, maybe for the first time in my whole life, I’m ready to take my place in this world proud and sure. Because no one else can take this place that I’ve strangely shaped for myself. What even am I? A songwriter? An author? I don’t know. I’m all of it, and a bit more. Happily lost, still don’t really know what I’m looking for but at least I laugh a lot. I laugh all the time. I also cry a lot. I cry all the time. And I feel a lot of love. For people around me, places I go to, and daily simple moments.  I also feel lonely a lot. Unloved and detached. And this is me, I’m all of it. 

At least the search gives me heaven for an hour writing it down. My stories. My songs. My words. And I think maybe that’s why I’m here?


You realise that making it to the top ON YOUR OWN, without anyone’s help, will not make you a hero. It will make you lonely. So now I’m reaching out again.  Treasuring every interaction, every conversation. Learning to look people in the eyes. Learning to let people in. Learning to forgive. Learning to let go.


You spend your youth thinking you’re old (when you’re actually 22) and you feel like you’re too old to do  things but then suddenly you cross over from those transition years and it’s like .. ahhh.... this is peace. 

This is stillness. This is working with precision and calm. This is WHY you do things.

Fame? Don’t care. I want meaning. I want impact. 

Being known? Nah, I want friends. I want love. I want to love. I want deep connections and conversations that matter. 

A stable successful career? Yeah sure, but only if it makes me wake up and go to sleep feeling a warm loving feeling in my heart, every single day.


I’m ten years older than I was when I put my very first EP out. It was called Charlotte Eriksson because I was yet to decide who I wanted to be. I’m still Charlotte Eriksson but now I also know what The Glass Child stands for. She stands for looking at the world through a sacred glass. Everything is holy. The divine can be found everywhere. Like, looking at the world through a glass that makes small things matter and ugly things beautiful and hurtful situations opportunities to grow. The Glass Child is the state of mind I can only reach while creating. While writing or singing, losing myself in stories and inner worlds. That’s what it stands for, and I’m proud of having created her,  kind of, but it feels more like she’s creating me. Every single year.


It’s been three years since my last album came out. It’s been three years of transformation. Three years of crossing over.  What’s different? The pace. The purpose and The goal.


My pace then was fast. I thought my only shot was to be an 18-year-old mysterious being and that would be my thing. Ten years later I’m making the conscious decision to make another record and every single little movement is being thought over twice. Does it feel right? Will this be done for the right reason? Will this bring me closer to my goal? Will this serve someone? I want to be of service. I want to help. I want to heal. Can it be done in any other way to serve the purpose even more?

The purpose then was to prove people wrong. I wanted the people back home to hear my name and think ‘wow, she made it’.

Now I do it for myself. Because it matters to me. Because I love it. Also because I think it helps people. Very few, but still a few. Like those artists that help me.

The goal then was to make it big. To be a star. To go everywhere and nowhere and be known. Why? I just wanted to. End of story.

Now... my goal is be known for how I spent my life. How I sometimes make mistakes but try to learn from them and refuse to stagnate. I’m making another record because this will be an important part of the novel that will be my life. 


So much change between 18 and 28. Your grow calmer. You grow wiser. You’ve lived through your first series of events. Your first real relationship. Your first separation. That changes you. 

Your first career shift. That changes you. 

Your first urge to slow down, root down, live somewhere. That changes you. 

You think a little longer about things. Who do I really want to be? How can I serve? You want to be of service.

You see that things you thought would make you happy actually didn’t make you feel a thing. And you start collecting only things of warmth and beauty around you. You neglect the unnecessary drama. You’re done hustling. No more thinking that you’ll hustle it out for 3 years so you can be happy later. No, happy is now. Later is now. This is when you need to be happy. This is when life happens.



So this is my invitation to join me for a new album era. A new me. A new album. A new book. A new season of  life. New chapter.

I’ve taken this dream half way by finding my dream creative team to work with me to make my vision of this album come alive. My dream musicians, dream mixing engineer and mastering engineer. Dream film makers and dream photographers. And YOU, are my dream support family. My tribe, that always pulls me through every single dark phase and season of my life I’ve had. You’ve kept this girl going. By showing me that you care about what I do. By showing me that you’d like me to keep going.


Everyone who joins this Kickstarter campaign will get a ticket to my monthly hangout hours that will lead us up to the album. During those hangouts I will play the new  single for the month, acoustic and live and tell you how it was written and recorded. I’ll share album updates, where in the world I am, books I’ve been reading, spoken word poetry and comforting thoughts and ideas I’d like to share. You get to ask me about new songs that are being released or the album or the artworks that will be revealed. It will be our monthly get together, and it will be glorious. I might stream in from a studio so you can sat hi to my musicians. I might stream in from a lonesome lake up in Northern Sweden. I might stream in from a beach somewhere Mediterranean, because this girl is still not living anywhere.

Every single live stream will be posted on Kickstarter for everyone to watch afterwards, but I will schedule them on different time zones so everyone around the globe can join, no matter the time zone.


I’ve created som delicious and crispy bundles and packages to choose from on Kickstarter. I want to throw in a small PS. Saying that the prices are including VAT that I have to pay according to law, and the shipping is already calculated in the price. In case you think one of the pledges are priced too high, it’s according to my careful calculations of how much it will cost to simply record, produce, mix, master, distribute,  promote and release the album + create all the merch and design elements. Every single cent will go straight into this album, I need you to know that. Nothing goes into my pockets.


I hope you will join me for another magical album era, another era in life, because we must stay fluent. Move and change with the times. Otherwise, we’ll be left behind.


Nothing but love <3


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