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Nate Maingard [Modern Troubadour & Songwriter]



Welcome back to a relaunch of my life (and podcast!)

A relaunch of absolutely everything.

I entered this new era by launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund my new 4th full-length album and fifth book. Today, as I am recording this intro we are 21 days into the campaign. You have until October 9th so join this journey, and when the campaign stops, that’s when the real journey behind. Everyone who joins the campaign now will by entering the Kickstarter enter a whole year of new music, new videos, behind the scenes footage, studio diaries, new writings, the book and a lot more.
 My goal is that you will hold my new album in your hands in a year from now and feel proud, knowing that it wouldn’t exist without your support and help.

You are my co-creators.


Anyway, this is me welcoming you to a new era, a new chapter, a new season in life. We’re leaving things we have outgrown, people we might have outgrown, and make place for places and people that align with us now, as the people we have grown to be, now, after everything we’ve been through. You know, the goal every day should be to go to sleep a being little bit different than we were when we woke up, because if we life each day full out, we will grow and flex and shape and expand a little bit every day. So we much embrace chance, like growth, because, that’s what nature teaches us, that nothing is ever static. We must stay fluid, moving and changing with the seasons.
So I’m launching a new podcast season with some incredible guests, and I'm starting with my favorite podcast conversation this far: Nate Maingard!

Nate is a modern troubadour, traveler, podcaster and creative entrepreneur.

As you will hear, I wish I could hang with Nate three nights in a row talking about life and space and love and loss and everything in between. He’s just one of those people you immediately fall into deep conversation with. I loved talking to him here and I truly hope you will enjoy listening to it.

Go find Nate and everything he's creating here:

Behind The Glass Podcast

with Charlotte Eriksson

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Behind The Glass Podcast with Charlotte
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