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How to find clarity every morning



Three questions I ask myself every morning.

As part of my morning ritual, I sit down with pen and paper or a computer, whatever you prefer, and I answer three questions: 


1. What one thing, right now, if done well and executed, would bring me closer to my most important goal in 6 months. One thing. What one thing would do the most for that goal, right now. This is an important question because so often we do “busy work”. For example, I can spend an hour answering emails and cleaning up my inbox and it feels like I’m working and doing something productive, but has it brought me any closer to my goal?  Hmmmm no. Let’s say my goal is to have launched a new creative project in 6 months. This could be having finished and published a book, published a blog, created a photography portfolio, shot a short film, registered my own company and written a business plan. There is one thing right now that would bring you closer to that goal, and trust me, tweeting about it, cleaning up your desktop or organising your folder is not one of them. Picking up the camera and taking two great photos today is bringing you closer to that portfolio. Finding three editing tutorials on youtube, watching them and taking notes will bring you closer to starting a photography business. Writing two pages, bad or good, will bring you closer to that book. Real action.


So this question I answer: what one thing, will bring me closer to my goal. That is my number one priority today.


2. Question number two: What is stealing my focus right now, things that make me feel like I wouldn’t be able to fully consume myself in that previous one thing we just talked about. What I mean is, as we go through daily life we all have, let’s say adult things to take care of. It could be a bill you need to pay, a phone call to make, an appointment, the kitchen is a mess, it’s your friend’s birthday next week and you still don’t know what to give him… etc. etc. These are clutter thoughts that will distract you from your most important thing. That’s why we need to get those out of the way fast, simple, disciplined and early on in the day. I usually wake up with maybe 4 or 5 of those things. It’s not enjoyable things but it’s stuff I know I need to get done. basically, I get those things done first thing in the morning, before I am awake enough to start procrastinating. I do those things BEFORE I sit down to visualise and meditate. I answer the emails, I pay the bills, I clean up my desk, take a deep breath and then I sit down and I let that shit go. 

It’s the most wonderful feeling to start your day with a clean uncluttered mind. 


3. Question number three: How do I want to do the things I will do today?

What I mean with this is: The other day I had a meeting with someone I could potentially work with for the promotion of my album. I felt anxious and nervous, like always, started doubting myself and freaked out in my head. But I asked myself in the morning, HOW do I want to do that meeting? Well, with confidence, with calm, excitement and a lot of inspirational energy. Now that made me feel different.

Today I knew I was going to record this podcast, and I asked, HOW do I want to feel while recording this? I want to feel grateful, for having a platform that enables me to share ideas and thoughts, and for enabling me to spend my day doing so. I want to feel excited and passionate about sharing those thoughts and ideas that have helped me so greatly in my life. I want to feel like there is a purpose for this, and I want to feel that I am helping someone by doing this. That gave me quite a lot of motivation to do this.

One more example: I’m going to go running after finishing this recording. How do I want to do that run? I want to do it with fire. I want to feel like an athlete, I want to feel strong and in shape and powerful. And that’s the mindset I will have.


Those are simple questions, but I promise by taking the time to answer them every day, writing down the answer and reminding yourself of the answers throughout your day, you will set yourself up for a completely different day than if  you just  wake up, numbly step outside and just let the world push you forward. Be the creator of your life. Be the creator of your own day. You know, where you are today is a direct consequence of what you did in the past. That means, what you do today, will directly lead you to where you will be tomorrow. Shape that future. Make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be.


I hope at least this gave you one or two thoughts that resonated with you, that you can take with you and design in your own way. If you try this out, please let me know how you felt about it!

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