“..she tears down walls with her music, using starkly honest lyrics and intense vocal chops to draw her listeners in and turn them inside out”    



Having spent the last 8 years wandering in Europe, sharing my music with anyone who's willing to listen, I have built my home and base as a touring live act. My live shows are raw, intense and wonderfully personal, created with the people in the room.



  • Solo shows.

  • Acoustic solo performance at events and conferences.

  • House Concerts, read more here >

  • Book Readings (reading from my book + talking about book publishing, author marketing or other relevant topic)

  • Workshops and masterclasses for songwriters, authors and creative entrepreneurs. I've run my workshop "Life as an independent artist" at universities and academies all over Europe + lectured on mental health, as well as marketing and digital strategy for creative brands. To read more about my workshops, go here >

  • Want me to come teach a yoga workshop at your studio? Find my yoga page here >

If my time and budget allows, I'm occasionally playing at weddings, birthday parties and other private events.

Write to me with what you have in mind, and I'll do anything to make it happen.


Booking fees depend on event and location.



For booking & PR enquiries:

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“There’s an ethereal beauty to Charlotte’s vocals that speaks straight from the heart. She knows how to make every word count, how to tear the emotion from every syllable.”  

- totallyvivid

“ The kind of voice that plays with your emotions and the type of lyrics that seem so similar to you, it’s almost scary. With brilliant music to match her voice and character, The Glass Child is an artist to look out for.”

- snapshotsymphony

“Once in a while you stumble across an artist you have never heard of before and they just blow you away.”  


Let's create something worth remembering.

Email me at and we'll make it happen.