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House Concerts

An intimate evening of songs & stories with The Glass Child


When I was 18 years old I packed a bag and moved to London, determined to become a songwriter. I played every single open mic and acoustic venue I could find, usually for an empty room and an angry sound guy. I hustled with my equipment on undergrounds and trains, just dreaming of getting to share my stories with people who cared.

All I really wanted was to find people who could relate to what I was singing about. I wanted to find MY people and create beautiful moments of belonging with them. That sense of belonging I still get from music and singing and writing and that feeling still drives me today. After hustling through Europe for many years trying to get booked for concerts, I'd had enough. I was tired and worn out.

That's when I took my audience online and threw out this strange thought: if I bring my guitar and my songs, and would be willing to travel anywhere to sing for you, who would want to invite me? Into your home?

Instead of asking people to come to MY show, I said: I'll come to YOU. If you let me.

House Concerts became my way to meet and connect with my people, to create unforgettable memories with them. It enables me to express my music exactly as I want to, straight out from my heart.

No walls, no screens, no microphones. Just me, my guitar, my stories and you.

So what is a house concert?

Simply put, here’s the deal: You invite all your friends, family, neighbours, classmates and relatives, and I will come play an intimate and personal house concert show in YOUR living room, kitchen, garden, café, pub, school, office or anywhere else I’m welcomed. My bare songs, sung straight from my heart to yours.

Every house concert is unique because it's created together with the people in the room. Sometimes I sing my heart out, sometimes we drift into wonderful discussions about love and loss, music and books. But the urge to create an evening worth remembering drives it all ♡

If you want to host a house concert, fill in the form at the end of this page, or write to me at 

and we’ll make it happen.

Here’s a little more info about the House Concert concept:


Donation Based House Concert

I fund the shows with pay-what-you-can donations that your guests, friends and family are willing to support. Usually the host will place a hat or box somewhere in the room, where the guests can give whatever they feel I am worth.

The only booking fee for having me come play a show is to cover my travel expenses to your house (from Sweden or Germany) so I can afford travelling to you + 1 night's accommodation at a near-by hostel or b&b.



The Stage

The beauty of the house concert: no walls, no cables and no layers between you and I. The shows will be completely unplugged, just my voice and my guitar. It’s up to you where you want me to play: in your kitchen, living room, garden, terrace, café, pub, office, school … the possibilities are endless. All I’m asking for is a space where I can see all the guests and the guests have enough space to sit down.  


I always bring CDs, my books and some merch, if you or your guests would like some signed memories from the show.




How many people you want to invite to this special evening is of course up to you, but I do have a minimum of 12 people in the room when I play. This is just for the simple fact that I physically and financially, and most of all time wise, can’t travel all over Europe all by myself only to play for empty rooms and a cat (even though that sounds pretty awesome). 

I hope I’ve answered a few of your questions!

If you’re interested in hosting a house show, want to know more or anything else, write to me and we’ll make it happen together! I’m taking requests for all over Europe.

Submit your interest through the form below or write to:

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