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Books by

Charlotte Eriksson


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Charlotte Eriksson Book - He Loved Me Some Days.jpg

He loved me some days. I'm sure he did.

99 essays on growth through loss

Everything Changed When I Forgave Myself Charlotte Eriksson.jpg

Everything changed when I forgave myself

growing up is a wonderful thing to do

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You're Doing Just Fine by Charlotte Eriksson.jpg

You're Doing Just Fine

poetry from a past that was never present

Charlotte Eriksson You're Doing Just Fine
Another Vagabond Lost To Love by Charlotte Eriksson

Another Vagabond Lost To Love

Travel Essays and Artist Journals
on leaving & arriving
Charlotte Eriksson Another Vagabond Lost To Love.JPG
Empty Roads & Broken Bottles.jpg

Empty Roads & Broken Bottles;

in search for The Great Perhaps

The journey of leaving my home to dedicate my life to my art

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