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Album Reviews


"This album is one of the best I’ve heard from a solo female singer/songwriter in a long time. It’s been playing off and on for the past two weeks and it isn’t old yet. Charlotte is a true artist; one that has dedicated her entire existence to pursuing art and sharing it with the people of the world.

This is a rare find."



"There’s such a fight in this girl’s words. She’s been through a good deal of trial in her young life, and these hardships have no doubt provided her with wisdom along the way. As a musician in her early 20’s, her sound is a youthful one, poignant one. Her words, on the other hand, show a different side of her. She has created something that is well beyond her years, and for that she should be applauded. With track names like “Running Up That Hill,” “Who I Am,” and “Who I’ve Grown To Be,” it’s clear that she’s got a lot to say about her life."



"Much like Kate Bush, Eriksson is a fiercely independent, outspoken musical spirit. Listening to the songs on I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die may be a little uncomfortable for those more used to the simplistic pop musings of contemporary artists like Ariana Grande. Grande may have the voice and the face to be a huge pop star, but she’s not about to bare her soul to the world through song. Eriksson, on the other hand, can’t help be tell us everything – both good and bad. If she didn’t write and sing about everything on her mind she’d probably burst."


There’s a lot to love about Charlotte Eriksson, AKA, The Glass Child. Behind that killer voice and booming personality, she’s inspirational in a way that only those who have really experienced life can be. Her struggles, triumphs, and wavering perceptions all lend themselves to beautiful storytelling and fresh inspiration in her debut full-length, I’d Like To Remain a Mystery.



“Once in a while you stumble across an artist you have never heard of before and they just blow you away.”  












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