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with Charlotte Eriksson

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Charlotte Eriksson Podcast
Charlotte Eriksson Podcast
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Songwriter and author Charlotte Eriksson, The Glass Child, lets you in behind the glass. How do you find a home in the world? How do you deal with loneliness? What does it mean to be an artist? Life as a nomad, missing people, how to write yourself through heartbreak ... and everything in between.


As essential as breathing

"A true soul sister for broken hearts, dreamers, wanderers and believers in beauty and love and in tiny moments meaning big, transformative and powerful things. Her words and music have become to me, as essential as breathing."

– Sabrina

"Listening to your podcast makes me feel so calm and at peace. I love listening to your ideas and reflections on your experiences. Thank you for doing this. Your work makes a difference in my life."

– Chrissy

"i don't know if it’s her calming voice or the beautiful accent but this is such a beautiful podcast. I felt like she was on my couch and we were chatting and drinking coffee like old friends. I cant wait for the next podcast ❤️"

– Julie

Beautiful reflections

Never alone

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