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Boost your podcast subscribers and skyrocket your high quality reach with strategic advertising on Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram.

Then stop wasting money on boosted posts and traffic campaigns. I only care about high quality conversion campaigns.


My name is Charlotte Eriksson

I am a senior advertising strategist with a deep passion for helping passionate business owners build empires while making an impact. I grew my own podcast from 0 to over 30,000 downloads in just 40 days through strategic advertising, a long omni-channel retargeting campaign to get my new listeners fully invested in my world, and finally hit them with a paid offer.

Sounds easy enough, right? It's not, but it's fun ;)

I won't just set up ads for you and send in grey report each month—I will be your strategic partner to make sure you reach your goals without having to worry about the HOW.


I have helped build multi-million dollar brands and programs, build sustainable 7-fig evergreen funnels and grow dedicated online communities through strategic advertising.

My slight obsession with numbers and data, in combination with a deep understanding of the platform economy, makes my strategy thinking unique and quite extraordinary (if I may say so myself).

I know how much time, energy and passion it goes into starting a business, going after a dream, not giving up, building a team, working endless hours... The sacrifices, the zero to none payoff in the beginning.. but I also know the pride and freedom that comes with running a profitable, stable business, spending your days working on something you truly love, and feeling like you're doing something great in the world. That's what we're after, right?

I will help you get your creations noticed by the right audience through social media advertising.  By using targeted custom audiences I will make sure the people who WANT to find you will find you. We will utilise the platforms that best align with your audience (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and base our decisions on data and analytics.

We will not try to reach everyone. We will reach those who are desperately looking for someone like you, those who WANT to find you. 

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For over a decade I have helped businesses and personal brands develop sustainable, profitable advertising strategies, so they can finally scale without the daily grind.

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Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

Digital advertising is powerful because it enables you to reach those who WANT to find you. With stunning but organic looking ads, potential listeners and fans will feel connected to you and your message, and feel grateful that they found you. That's the sort of ads I work with.

I will use a combination of custom audiences to place your content and services in front of both warm and cold audiences + utilise omni-channel strategies to make you look online famous!



Meta Platforms and/or TikTok


To optimise your advertising conversion rate


Want to build your email list through freebies or webinars? I got you!


Get my expert eyes on your current funnels + ad account! During 1:1 coaching calls, I will shower you with advice, and clear action steps and tell you exactly what strategy I would implement going forward.


please click below to download the price sheets for an advertising campaign with me


I would love to talk more about how I can help you build your podcast and increase your reach. Simply fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 48h.

Please add a short introduction to your podcast, links to your social media + website and any other information that can be useful for me to know.  I will then send over a proposed strategy + timeline and we will together come up with an individual approach designed for  your needs.

Thank you! Message sent. I will get back to you within 24h.

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Want this?

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My expertise lies in tapping into audiences that WANT to find you.

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