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Healing Poetry 

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Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books
  • Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books

Complete Book Bundle: All my 5 books

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In my golden book bundle you'll get all 5 books:

• Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

• Another Vagabond Lost To Love

• You're Doing Just Fine

• Everything Changed When I Forgave Myself

• He loved me some days. I'm sure he did.


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Excerpt from He loved me some days. I'm sure he did.


"I will be a writer now

Someone once said, “Get your heart real good and broken and you’ll be a poet for the rest of your life.” Well, I don’t actually know if someone ever said this but I hope someone did ‘cause I would like to hear it. I would like to know that this pain will last for good reasons and that my words will come back through it

‘cause I’ve been dry on words like a prayer in the desert, no life or sign of spark. I’ve lived so nicely, so slowly, making my way towards something I never really knew what, but it was so nice, to slow down. To not flee, just stay. A quiet living. A quiet street. I have lived so nicely.


I expected a catastrophic chaos and all kinds of awful, but my heart is strangely quiet.

There is a quiet peace even in the loudness of a heart breaking. There is a strange sense of acceptance, like nodding my head to myself, saying, it’s alright, it’s alright, you’re doing fine. Maybe I’m just older. Been here before, know my way out. Maybe it’s quietly dying—sometimes I feel like I am. Either way, how does ‘alive’ feel? But I know I can’t go back, only forward, no use in fighting, so onwards I go, a little every day, and I do the best I can.


It comes in waves, mostly at night. Dreams and memories resurfacing and I wake up cold and tired, lonely in a vast sea of sadness. how can the lack of someone feel so large? how can the lack of someone feel so heavy? it’s December and the early evenings are so dark.


My brain jumps in and out, hopeful to devastated. I’m crying but I’m so so happy. I’m sorry, but I’m so grateful. For the lessons. For the growth. 

I should have focused on being a writer. I used to write quite well, I think? I had a lot to say, a lot to think about. I think a lot of people could relate. I got letters and gifts back then, people saying “thank you”. I should have kept to my words, kept writing to people and for people and maybe I could have been someone for someone. You know, one of those you turn to when you’re in pain.

But i’m back again, feeling things, staying up with the moon, listening to the same old songs, like back then, when i wrote, all the time, saying things, reaching out. Maybe I can be someone now, for someone. Maybe I can write myself out of this one too, like I’ve done so many times. 


I will be a writer now. I will say it all."





Excerpt from Empty Roads & Broken Bottles:

” I packed light and spent 18 months on the road, homeless and at home. Lost but unable to be lost because I had no destination. I arrived in new cities every morning, scraped coins to afford coffee and then tried to find the busiest venue in town where I begged to get to play a set or two. If I was lucky I sold albums enough to afford the train the next day. If I was luckier I could afford whiskey and if I was a god damn star I got some tip from the sound-guy. You read and write and sing and experience, thinking that one day these things will build the character you admire to live as. You love and lose and bleed best you can to the extreme, hoping that one day the world will read you as the poem you want to be. One day, things will change and you will not have to struggle every day to convince people that you and your art is good enough. One day, you will simply be able to be you, and be okay with that. .... "



ANOTHER VAGABOND LOST TO LOVE: Berlin stories on leaving & arriving.
A young writer’s search for a place called home, what it means to be an artist, and finding peace with a restless heart.
The journals and poetry explore the dreamer’s fate of leaving and arriving, love and loss, and learning to go on on your own. It captures the city of Berlin, where I somehow ended up. The broken concrete, conversations with strangers, small moments of ache or clarity. The stories leads to the chapter of my Album Journals “Learning What It Means To Be An Artist,” which is a series of journals and letters behind what came to be my second album “I Must Be Gone and Live, or Stay and Die”. The album and this book go hand in hand and the lyrics and quotes blend into one another. The reader will find the book as a world of its own, and the listener of the album will find the musical world expanded into reality.



Excerpt from You're Doing Just Fine
Prose & Poetry from a past that was never present.

Named after the poem that has been shared over 500,000 times on Tumblr, this is the third book from young author and songwriter Charlotte Eriksson. A collection of prose and poetry with the theme of hope, recovery and finding beauty in the darkness. An exploration of the life of a young artist with an aching heart, urged by a wanderlust that leads and directs, and the simple task of learning how to live with yourself.

"Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water. Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes.
Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it, another day. And you can make it one more.
You’re doing just fine."



Excerpt from Everything Changed When I Forgave Myself

A narrative journey of both prose and poetry, meditating on the joys and struggles of growing up. It's about consciously creating yourself, finding a place in the world and not being afraid to get lost on the way.


“The most impactful moments of my life have been the clean ones. The clean streets in the early a.m. hours—the town is mine to own. The blank pages—no story yet written. The new friendship, the new name, the new pair of eyes staring into mine and I can be whoever I want from now on.”



“Love does the job. travelling too. writing does it. music.
Also art, whisky, dark-coloured flowers and watching the landscape change in October. Driving on a small road somewhere in Italy with a beautiful boy and I don’t want to be anywhere else in the whole wide world than right there, with him, that very car, smiling.

But I close my eyes for one second and the moment is gone. I’m back to getting high on empty roads somewhere in Sweden and I’m the loneliest girl in the whole damn world and I just want all things beautiful. I just want the music, the literature, the art and the moments of driving in a car with a beautiful boy in Italy.
but here, alone, I have no cares in the world.

I have no cares in the world. I just want it all to be beautiful.”

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