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Healing Poetry 

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Sweater Weather 💭
  • Sweater Weather 💭
  • Sweater Weather 💭
  • Sweater Weather 💭
  • Sweater Weather 💭
  • Sweater Weather 💭

Sweater Weather 💭

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Know what I spent the entire winter in? This very sweater 😌 Stylish and minimalistic, with the text "feeling everything, holding on to nothing" on the front.

The back holds the album story that you will also hear as a spoken word track on the album:


Imagine a summer night. It's warm enough to not wear a hoodie and you're biking with no shoes on. Your friends are laughing and joking, biking next to you. If you're biking fast enough and keep your eyes focused in front of you the traffic lights turn into golden shooting stars above and beside. It reminds you of magic. But also the nights you sat in the backseat of a car, watching the raindrops slowly slide down the window. You remember thinking that if you focus your eyes on the raindrops the passing cars look like golden comets shooting by, one by one, and it reminded you of being young, biking with your friends on empty streets at midnight. You're happy but it's all such a blur and if you close your eyes you can both escape and hold on to the moments a little bit longer. You want both. You want to escape and hold on at the same time, and that's why it hurts.

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