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Healing Poetry 

Signed with love ♡

Vinyl [Signed]
  • Vinyl [Signed]
  • Vinyl [Signed]

Vinyl [Signed]


This is for all you vinyl lovers 🙏 ♡




1. < Intro >
2. Feeling Everything, Holding On To Nothing
3. Alone With You
4. i saw it in a dream
5. Welcome Home (Spoken Word)
6. Bring Me to Life
7. Hypnic Jerk
8. < Apple of His Eye >
9. If You Go Now
10. I will be a writer now (Spoken Word)
11. Broken Little Dreamer
12. Letting You Go
13. So Long Ago
14. How to hold on to nothing (Spoken Word)
15. Leaving Blue Times
16. < Outro >


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