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Charlotte is available for workshops, masterclasses and speaking engagements. She has held workshops all over Europe on subjects such as platform building for authors and artists, songwriting, book publishing and entrepreneurship — as well as talking about subjects from her books such as mental health, motivation, spiritual practices, lifestyle design and location independence.

Her masterclass "Life as an independent artist" has been widely appreciated at several music universities around Europe, inspiring young songwriters and writers to start building their own careers on their own terms.

For booking requests, please contact:

Building my own career as an independent artist, publisher and creative entrepreneur, I have been lucky enough to get to learn from the most innovative and hard working people in this field. I would never have been able to build what I have built without the guidance of those further along than me, and now I want to give it back. 

I am now available for workshops and masterclasses at universities, private schools and for individuals. I always costumise the lessons according to the student's personal needs and level. 

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information or any questions you might have.

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