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Dates TBA

7pm CEST / 6pm UK / 1pm EST

Each workshop will last 1.5-2h
Investment: €170

Max 8 spots available!
Each student will get personalised individual attention and feedback, so only 10 spots will be available for this workshop.


Thank you! You are officially on the waiting list!

A 3-part writing workshop exploring  how writing can become an intimate ritual for healing, self-realisation and deep focus. We will explore how ritualistic writing can help you find a future vision for yourself and your life, how you can write yourself out of hard situations, and how your own writing moments can become the most powerful healing tool. We will also explore writing rituals in the context of fiction writing, poetry writing or memoir writing.

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The workshops will be guided by yours truly, and they will be a blend of me sharing my own rituals, sacred moments I have developed in order to help me reach a clearer state of mind, a feeling of being closer to the sky, a feeling of lifting a little from the ground, as well as writing prompts and exercises to help you build your own unique rituals. I will share my own practice of writing manifestations and goals, writing my future self to life, as well as how I create the space I need to write prose and poetry.

At the end of our 3 weeks together you will have developed your own rituals around writing or journaling and have a whole toolbox of prompts and ideas you can use on your own.


At the end of each Sunday we will have time for Q&A, as well as an opportunity to let those who want to read their written work for the group.


This is a safe space where everyone's welcome, no matter previous experience. The workshops will be just as beneficial for advanced published writers as well s complete beginners, all you need to have is an open mind and open heart.


What is a ritual?

Creating space for deep work and understanding

Rituals for fiction, memoir & poetry writing

Rituals for journaling & manifestations

Yoga, meditation, walking, running and other ritualistic practices for writers

Healing through writing


Charlotte Eriksson is the author of 5 books, most notably a book of prose & poetry called You're Doing Just Fine, published 2015 on Broken Glass Records, and Everything Changed When I Forgave Myself, published 2018. Quotes and poetry from her books have been shared on large platforms such as The Artidote, Berlin ArtParasites and Word Porn, and she's had writings published on sites such as Thought Catalog, Bella Grace Magazine and To Write Love On Her Arm. Her books have sold over 30,000 copies worldwide.


At 18 years old she took off to London on her own to embark on the long journey of creating a life for herself. A life she could be proud of. A life that made her excited to wake up every morning. With nothing but a guitar, her stories and a dream, she spent a year wandering in England, sleeping at train stations, airports and helpful fans’ couches. Singing for whoever was willing to listen and collecting stories that she would later share in her first book ”Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps”. Finding her fanbase through soulful connections by sharing her journey online, she started to build an exploding online fanbase of dedicated supporters.
Forward a few years and she has started her own artist collective Broken Glass Records, released 7 EPs and

3 critically acclaimed full-length albums, had her single ”I Will Lead You Home” reaching #2 on the Swedish iTunes-chart, been played on major radio such as BBC6 (UK), Sveriges Radio (Sweden) and 3FM (Netherlands) and toured all over Europe. She's published 5 books, telling the story of her wandering ways, life as an artists and travel essays on love and loss. Her books have been widely praised both by her music fanbase and by a new literary crowd of writers and readers.


Charlotte has taken on the challenge of writing comforting words on mental illness, depression, wanting more, growing up, heartbreak, chasing a dream and losing people.

She is currently living somewhere by the ocean in Europe, writing on her 6th book as well as working on a new album.

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Do you have a question about the workshop? Email lisa@brokenglassrecords and we'll guide you ♡

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