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The 6-Figure Author Strategy: Start Making $$$ With Your Books

Feel like you've tried every book marketing tactic out there without any results? I have a decade of experience helping authors build sustainable income streams and reach bestseller lists. I will help you build a proven book advertising funnel that converts into sales, podcast downloads, or ticket sales. Whether you write romance, thriller, YA, memoirs, or poetry, my job is to enable YOU to live out your dream, all while making good bucks. Are you ready to finally see your books take off? I'll be your partner in profit, let's get to work. 🤝

How I found freedom as an author

As an author of 5 books and songwriter/producer of 6 albums, I know a thing or two about how to make damn fine revenue with art online. As a matter of fact, I'm consistently making $150K/year from my books only.


"But Charlotte, HOW????"

I help authors and writers build sustainable, predictable, revenue-machines through strategic advertising funnels. With my guidance, my clients have reached Amazon best-seller lists and built sustainable revenue streams that enabled them to quit their day jobs, sell out speaking tours, and no longer spend years writing books that no one discovers.

The least important part is that today I'm the Senior Advertising Strategist at one of New York's biggest boutique ad agencies. Indie authors and artists can't afford an agency like that, so here I am, offering you the same high-end advertising services for a fraction of the price. Why? Because I don't want you to spend another second worrying about money when you have art to create, people to touch, and lives to impact.


My name is Charlotte Eriksson and I have been a full-time author for 10 years. I cracked the code on social media algorithms and advertising early on in my career and have through it been able to make a consistent 6-figure income from my own books, for over 5 years. By building my readership through strategic marketing I have managed to sell over 100,000 copies of my own books, stay in control of my career and lifestyle, and tour all over the world to do readings or workshops.

I know how much time, energy, and passion we all put into the creation of our art. The sacrifices, the endless hours, the editing, the costs, the pride when we finally hold it in our hands ... It saddens me to see so many great writers create amazing content and write beautiful books without reaching the audience they deserve. You just spent maybe years creating this book. Don't publish it without making sure it's also being found.

As an advertising strategist for authors, I will help you get your book or writings noticed by the right audience through social media advertising.  By using targeted custom audiences I will put your book photos, poem, article, or release announcement in front of the people who WANT to find you. We will utilize the platforms that best align with your audience (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or the Google Display Network) and base our decisions on data and analytics. My two goals are to get you profitable and to get your book known. Your stories deserve to be found.

We will not try to reach everyone. We will reach those who are desperately looking for a writer like you, those who WANT to find you. 

Stop struggling as an author. Build a real business, automate your revenue, and start enjoying your job.

Case Studies

√ 50,000 copies sold of a poetry book

√ Half a million views on a homemade live session on zero budget

√ 60,000 engagements on an Instagram release post

√ Over 200 comments on a writing posted on Facebook.


​I think your content deserves to be found by people who want to find it.


The first step is to schedule your free non-binding no-risk marketing strategy call which includes a thorough audit of your current funnel. This is your opportunity to gain access to my 10 years of experience, completely FREE of charge!

Click the link below to fill out a quick application and then wait to hear back from me within the next 48h.

Next Steps & Campaign Packages

I truly care about your lifestyle, revenue, and long-term success. The first step to working with me is to download the price sheet below where you can learn more about the two different campaigns I offer. After that, you click here to schedule a free non-binding strategy audit. This free call might be the most valuable thing you can do for yourself this very second 💪

I'm always happy to customize something for your specific business. Just get in touch and we'll make it happen.

Done-For-You 3 Months Campaign

Don't want to ever touch an ad account? Just want to cash in and make art you love? This is the offer for you! We will outline clear goals for your campaign, then I will develop a strong strategy, funnel, messaging, and creatives for you. After this, I will run your ads, optimize them on a daily basis and get you to your goals while you sit back and do what you are best at.

Want to learn how to run advertising campaigns on your own?

Set up & Master Your Ad-Campaigns

Get direct access to my 10 years of experience building profitable advertising campaigns! During 1x, 3x or 5x weeks you will get weekly 1:1 hands-on coaching calls directly with me. We will look at your funnel, online efforts, and opportunities, and together set up a profitable, sustainable, predictable revenue machine for you.
At the end of these four weeks, you will not just have an optimized funnel set up and running, you will also have gained the necessary skills to run ads for other authors or artists and cash in on your new knowledge. 


1. Download Price Sheet

2. Schedule FREE Strategy Call


During this call we will discuss your current challenges, marketing efforts, and goals. Based on this we will develop a strategy with clear KPIs individualized for YOUR goals, desired lifestyle, and revenue aims.


I will send over the proposed strategy. You accept, pay the invoice, and we start rollin'!


We will make sure your back-end is up set up correctly, that your landing pages are strong, that the tracking is installed and that your funnel is optimized for cold ad traffic.


You will receive advertising optimized copy and creatives to approve.


Execution time!


Building profitable revenue funnels are all about optimizing optimizing optimizing. Once we have some data on your first ads, we can start optimizing the funnel to improve our numbers.


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