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My name is Charlotte Eriksson and I have been a full-time author and songwriter for 10 years. I cracked the code on social media algorithms and advertising early on in my career and have through it been able to make a consistent 6-figure income from my own books, for over 5 years. By building my readership through strategic marketing I have managed to tour all over the world, publish 5 books and release 5 full-length albums, sell over 50,000 copies of my own books and stay true to my mission.

I know how much time, energy, and passion we all put into the creation of our art. The sacrifices, the endless hours, the editing, the costs, the pride when we finally hold it in our hands ... It saddens me to see so many great writers create amazing content and write beautiful books without reaching the audience they deserve. You just spent maybe years on creating this book. Don't publish it without making sure it's also being found.

As an advertising strategist for authors, I will help you get your book or writings noticed by the right audience through social media advertising.  By using targeted custom audiences I will put your book photos, poem, article or release announcement in front of the people who WANT to find you. We will utilise the platforms that best align with your audience (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or the Google Display network) and base our decisions on data and analytics. My two goals are to get you profitable and to get your book known. Your stories deserve to be found.

We will not try to reach everyone. We will reach those who are desperately looking for a writer like you, those who WANT to find you. 


as an Author or Artist

As a Senior Advertising Strategist at one of New York's biggest boutique ad agencies + an author of 5 books myself, I know a thing or two about how to make damn fine revenue with non-fiction books. As a matter of fact, I'm consistently making $100K / year from book sales only.


"But Charlotte, HOW????" Read on ;)


For over 10 years I have helped non-fiction authors and spoken word poets build their readerships through strategic advertising. With my guidance, my clients have reached Amazon best-seller lists, build sustainable revenue streams from their books, quit their day jobs to become full-time writers, and no longer spend years writing books that don't get read.

with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest ads

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✓ Reach Amazon best-seller lists.

✓ Build sustainable revenue streams from their books.

✓ Quit their day-jobs to become full-time writers!

✓ Never again spend years writing books that don't get read.

  • 50,000 copies sold of a poetry book
  • Half a million views on a homemade live session on zero budget
  • 60,000 engagements on an Instagram release post
  • Over 200 comments on a writing posted on Facebook ...​
​I think your content deserves to be found by people who want to find it.

Case studies:

Release Announcement (Book Launch)

To spread the word about my third book and reach people who would love my message, I set up a combination of Facebook ads + Instagram ads with highly branded visuals and copy, utilizing both interest based audiences as well as lookalike audience from the Facebook pixel. I also built a retargeting funnel to reach people with different quotes and excerpts even after they had interacted with my accounts or website. As  you can see from the screen-shots, the campaigns resulted in a beautiful reach that went on to spread organically  through shares and people tagging their friends. This resulted in larger FB pages and IG accounts picking up quotes from the books to share with their followings which directly resulted in book sales, email newsletter sign-ups and brand awareness.


- 5.2X ROAS

- 6000+ book sales

- 22,000 engagements

- 800+ comments


Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 09.27.54.png
Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 11.32.43.png

My expertise lies in finding people who are desperate to find a writer just like you.



I work with authors and coaches on a done-with-you (consulting) or done-for-you (full-service) basis.

✦ Full Funnel StrategyComplete holistic advertising strategy guiding cold people from ad-click to opt-in, purchase or booked call.

✦ Daily Media Buying (ad optimization)

✦ Landing Page Conversion Optimization Audit

✦ Lead Generation StrategyWant to build your email list through freebies or webinars? I got you!

1:1 Consulting - Meta/TikTok/Pinterest Ads Coaching

Get direct access to my 10 years of experience building profitable advertising campaigns! During 1:1 coaching calls, I will shower you with advice, optimize your ads + funnel directly on the call, and tell you exactly what strategy I would implement to reach your individual goals.

Done-for-you Advertising Campaign

GWe will outline clear goals for your campaign, develop a strong strategy, funnel, messaging, and creatives, and then I will implement + optimize everything for you while you sit back and do what you are best at.



We will together develop a strategy that involved the right channels for your audience

  • Facebook/Instagram

  • Youtube (for spoken word videos, book trailers, live shows)

  • Google Ads

  • Pinterest

  • TikTok

  • Snapchat


please click below to download the price sheets for an advertising campaign with me


Schedule a strategy audit of your current funnel, and gain access to my 10 years of experience, completely FREE of charge!

I would love to talk more about how I can help you build your platform and reach out with your message or book. Simply email me or fill out the form below, and I will get back to you within 48h.

Please add a short introduction to your campaign project, links to your social media and any other information that can be useful for me to know.

Thank you! Message sent. I will get back to you within 48h.

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Listen to my podcast
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Live Session Video

I utilised two different custom audiences to target an audience who have showed an interest in acoustic live performance videos within the singer-songwriter market. I deliberately wanted to reach people who could be potential fans of my released studio albums and niched my audience even further by also targeting people who have showed interest in similar artists and bands.


- 21,000+ reaction

- 400+ comments


- Over half a million views (30 sec or more)

Video budget: £0

Ad budget: £250

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