Life might not always be easy, but it will always be beautiful.
As a digital strategist + social media ads expert, I will help you get your content noticed by the right audience through social media advertising. 
By using targeted custom audiences I will put your video, photo, writing or release announcement in front of the right eyes on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
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- Social Media Ads Strategy + Management

- Digital Strategy

- Email Marketing

- Youtube Ads

- Brand Development

• Consultancy + Digital Strategy

I will make an analysis of your present brand and marketing efforts, help you define  clear and structured goals for for your digital marketing , and then develop a full digital strategy + marketing plan.

A digital strategy involves:

  • Defined Goals

  • Clear Brand Message

  • Targeted Audience Research

  • Visual Brand Manual

  • Social Media Marketing Plan  (including deciding which channels to use)

  • Content Marketing Ideas

  • Paid Advertising Strategy (Facebook, Instagram + Youtube ads)

  • SEO suggestions

  • PR suggestions

I work with passionate small businesses with a message.

- Yoga Teachers + Yoga Retreats.

- Health, beauty and lifestyle businesses.

- Artists, authors and musicians.


I work remotely but am also willing to travel and relocate if the project is right.


I am a digital strategist and social media expert with over 8 years of work experience. While pursuing my own creative projects (as a songwriter, author and yoga  teacher) I was saddened to see so many passionate, talented and skilled entrepreneurs not succeeding with their businesses because of a lack of knowledge in how to reach out with their message, find their audience and market their services and products. As I started travelling to teach workshops and masterclasses, I kept seeing how even the  organisers of yoga retreats lacked in marketing and branding knowledge. I wanted to help these passionate teachers and artists how to find their clients, students and followers.

I started coaching friends privately, consulting with branding, business model development, digital strategy and social marketing ad campaigns. It's so beautiful to watch a passionate message reach the right people and leave both parties feeling fulfilled and serviced. My purpose is to help  you build a sustainable and flourishing business through all the incredible digital tools and resources we have available today.

I now specialise in digital strategy + social media ads strategy. You can find a few case studies below, but also feel free to reach out for a more individualised analysis. My strategies involve social media marketing, content marketing, branding + positioning, facebook + instagram advertising, email marketing and SEO.

Marketing Manager: Pinterest marketing, Facebook marketing,  email marketing  + push notifications.
Marketing Manager: I'm in charge of Shambala's entire marketing efforts, inbound and outbound.
Social Media Ads Campaign to increase sign-ups.
Marketing Manager: social media, paid  advertising, newsletters, branding.

I would love to talk more about how I can help you

with your social media + digital marketing for your retreat or yoga business.

Write to me and we'll go from there!

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My strategy
• I will use a combination of ads aiming for engagement, link clicks, reach or conversion
• I will set up your ad strategy so that it will be easy for you to keep the campaigns up and running on your own
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Case studies:

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Live Session Video
I utilised two different custom audiences to target an audience who have showed an interest in acoustic live performance videos. I deliberately wanted to reach people who could be potential fans of my released studio albums and niched my audience even further by also targeting people who have showed interest in similar artists and bands.
- 21,000+ reaction
- 400+ comments
- Over half a million views (30 sec or more)
Video budget: £0
Ad budget: £150
Book Launch
To spread the word about my third book and reach people who would love my message, I set up a combination of Facebook ads + Instagram ads, utilizing custom audiences to reach people who had previously showed interest in my books, quotes and writings. As  you can see from the screen-shots, the campaigns resulted in a beautiful reach that went on to spread organically  through shares and people tagging their friends. This resulted in larger FB-pages picking up quotes from the books to share with their followings which directly resulted in book sales, email newsletter sign-ups and brand awareness.
- 22,000 engagements
- 800+ comments
Content budget (photography): £0 (I took the photos and edited them myself)
Ad budget: £200 on FB + £90 on Instagram
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Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 09.23.30.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 09.27.54.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 09.19.21.png
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I created a similar campaign on Instagram where the incentive was to click the button "Read More" that lead them to a sales page for the book on my website.


I travel to teach yoga + meditation workshops as well as running masterclasses around mental health and anxiety prevention.